living-well-pregnancy-centers-logo LivingWell Crisis Pregnancy Center – LivingWell’s mission is to provide health services and practical solutions to each woman facing an unplanned pregnancy, in order to allow her to make a rational decision without the undue pressure of her other circumstances.  SPARE Ministries locks arms with LivingWell in this endeavor by providing low fee counseling that cultivates emotional, physical and spiritual healing for their clients as they work through the particular challenges they face.
havenlogo Haven of Healing Ministry – Haven of Healing is a Christ-centered, non-profit prayer ministry that brings healing and encouragement through prayer and pastoral care.  SPARE Ministries offers this spiritual guidance to any of their clients who desire deep healing on a spiritual level.
  BraveOne Community –  SPARE Ministries considers it a privilege to partner with and work alongside the BraveOne Community.  The BraveOne Community is an online, confidential, safe healing space that seeks to support women who have been impacted by sexual betrayal of any kind, such as pornography, affairs, prostitutes and much more. The mission of BraveOne Community is accomplished by providing encouragement, connection, prayer, education, resources, and practical tools to help them restore safety in their homes, heal from the betrayal and find hope in the midst of the trauma they’ve experienced.
  Briers to Myrtles Ministries – SPARE Ministries partners with Briers to Myrtles ministry as they walk with people to help them rebuild new life, redeem what was lost, and restore them to wholeness through the transformation life of Jesus Christ. The mission of Briers to Myrtle’s ministry is accomplished through mentoring, sharing people’s stories, and providing resources that inspire this process.
HLTC Logo Healthy Leaders/Thriving Cities – Healthy Leaders seeks to equip leaders spiritually and strategically for their missions as city transformers.  SPARE Ministries makes their services available to these leaders and those they work with in their neighborhoods and communities resulting in growth and gratitude for the individuals and the places they live.