SPARE Ministries is a non-profit organization comprised of a team of licensed therapists and registered interns. SPARE offers counseling services to individuals, couples, families and other groups to address life issues facing both Christian and non-religious communities. Our goal is to cultivate emotional, physical, and spiritual healing that will allow our clients to increase their ability to be in relationship with others.

SPARE is unique in that it uses a combination of both traditional psychotherapy expertise as well as principles taught within the Christian faith to bring about healing for the individuals under its care. The primary focus of our organization includes:

  • Societal partnerships to increase our ability to contribute to the strength of our communities
  • Provision of Christ-centered counseling and traditional psychotherapy
  • Assistance to meet the counseling needs of communities and religious congregations
  • Rehabilitation for those suffering from various mental illnesses and addictions
  • Education that equips people to transition away from lifestyles that are harmful to themselves and their families


Our administrative team is comprised of:
IMG_7801 Sharon Barnes, President & Executive Director of Spare Ministries
trish Trish Waltz, Founder
IMG_7776 John Walthart, Clinical Director of SPARE California