Kathleen Hernandez, MS, MFT Intern

IMG_7809Marriage and Family Therapist Intern # 71196

Vanguard University – M.S. in Clinical Psychology
Vanguard University – B.A. in Human Development

California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT)

– Anxiety/Panic Disorder – Blending Families
– Parenting – Divorce
– Grief – Family Therapy
– Children/Adolescents – Women’s Issues
– Aging/Life Transitions – Domestic Violence

Kathleen has a passion for working with children and adults struggling with anxiety and/or depression. She has a heart for today’s changing families.  She is an effective and compassionate therapist who can guide families through struggles including moving to a new community, loss of a job, and adjusting to family roles.  She is gifted in working with children using art and play therapy.  As a former elementary school teacher she helps parents learn how to advocate for their children in today’s school environment as they deal with bullying and negative social contacts.  Kathleen is the author of three children’s short stories that were published as part of private elementary school curriculum.

Kathleen has worked with several churches and organizations in Orange County to help struggling adults, children, and families.  She has co-facilitated support groups for those struggling through issues after divorce, the loss of a loved one, single parents, and cancer support.  She is currently working on co-facilitating several half day workshops, which include supporting adolescents who have been bullied, helping blended families, and guiding adults who are caring for their aging parents.

Being a former single parent, Kathleen has first hand experience with the challenges brought on by divorce.   After losing her mother and later other family members, Kathleen has taken the painful journey of the grief process.  She draws upon her training and life experiences with empathy and warmth to support her clients through their own unique healing process and to encourage hope and resiliency. She has been married for over ten years and is a proud mother of two grown children.  Kathleen has written part of her story as a chapter in a soon to be published book titled “Sacred Suffering”.